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Contribute to the improved performance of the companies with which we are associated, private and public, by advising and coaching Chief Executive Officers and Boards of Directors on how to make boards work effectively.

Ideally the experience and talents of board members should complement each other and add perspective to the energies of management. It is our goal to help create boards which add value without becoming involved in the day-to-day management of the business. We encourage the precept captured by the phrase "nose in fingers out."

Avoiding the Debacles Caused by Bad Governance
We work hard to make sure that the question, "Where were the directors?" will never be asked of the companies with which we are associated. While it is important for boards to keep their fingers out of the day-to-day business of their companies, they are not doing their job if they do not participate in selecting and coaching the CEO, discuss strategy, assess and deal with areas of major risk and make sure there is a succession plan for senior officers. Above all, we believe that in order for boards to function effectively, their Chairs and the majority of their members must be independent of management.

We work only with companies with integrity and a strong sense of ethical values. We do this because we believe that employees of companies that promote a sense of values are more likely to work effectively as a team and to achieve eventual success than those who do not. These values need not always be articulated in a written Code of Ethics, but we encourage a written Code of Ethics because it narrows the possibility of misunderstanding.

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